PSN 20 USD Gift Card UAE [Digital Code]

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PSN 20$ Gift Card UAE Price in Pakistan apply to PlayStation 5 PlayStation 4 and PS Vita Then your PSN wallet is going to be provided with the same amount

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PSN 20 USD Gift Card UAE [Digital Code]

PlayStation Network Gift Card 20 USD PSN UAE [Digital Code].

PSN 20$ Gift Card UAE Price in Pakistan apply to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PSP, and PS Vita.

Then your PSN wallet is going to be provided with the same amount of money you had on the card itself. You can then use the money to buy games for your console. If you enjoy gaming, then it is a perfect thing for you. It costs only $20 and often it is more than enough for such popular titles like God of War, The Last of Us or Borderlands 2. What else do you really need?

PlayStation™ Store

Some of you, who have only recently bought PlayStation 5 or 4 might not yet know how the PlayStation Store works or what it really is. As the name suggest it is a shop connected with the PS5 and PS4 console.

In this online store you can purchase your favorite games, bundles, add-ons, online passes and even a few PS2 and PS1 titles which are currently compatible with new Sony consoles. There is a huge amount of products which you can find in PSN.

Key features

  • Buy $20 PSN Gift Card and then top-up your own wallet or give it to your friend.
  • Visit the PSN and purchase your favorite games as standalone titles or in bundles.
  • Redeem against anything on PlayStation Store. Choose from thousands of games, add-ons, subscriptions and more*. Ages 18+. Account for PlayStation Network required to redeem.
  • Pre-order. Pre-load. Play. Can’t wait for a game? Pre-load it to your console and play as soon as it’s available.
  • Find exclusive deals on top games. With regular deals and discounts, there’s always something to play at a price you’ll love.
  • Download purchases remotely. Add your purchases to your download queue from anywhere online – and start playing sooner.
  • Choose from a range of gift cards. With $10 to $100 to buy your favorite games, add-ons or subscriptions.
  • Download, play, delete and re-install. Content purchased from PlayStation Store is added to your library, as well as being downloaded to your console.


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