Syberia 3 PS4

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PlayStation 4 Syberia 3. After abandoning the Island of Syberia, Kate Walker is dying at the edge of an unknown river. Fortunately, she is rescued by the Youkole Tribe.  Syberia 3 is the next generation in adventure games.

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  • Syberia 3 PS4
  • Syberia 3 After abandoning the Island of Syberia Kate Walker is dying at the edge of an unknown river.
  • Developed in 3D it takes you inside an enchanting, mysterious, and sometimes dark universe.
  • Dive into a world inhabited by fascinating characters and discover an incredible tale imagined by Benoit Sokal.
  • Syberia 3 PS4
  • EXPLORE A VAST AND BEAUTIFUL WORLD – An enchanting world created by esteemed art director, Benoit Sokal, which features all hand-painted textures.
  • Music composed by Inon Zur..
  • UNRAVEL THE MYSTERY – New to the story or not, you will love jumping into the latest chapter of Kate
  • Walker’s journey as she helps the Youkol tribe fulfill their odd ancestral tradition.
  • CRACK 3D PUZZLES AND RIDDLES – Collect, combine and use items to solve real-time puzzles.
  • CHOOSE WHERE THE STORY GOES – Make choices that directly impact the rich storyline, meeting intriguing characters and obtaining clues along the way.
  • PlayStation 4 Syberia 3


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