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  • Resident Evil 5 PS4
  • PS4 Resident Evil 5  DvD stars “The Man” Chris Redfield and his butt kicking new partner Sheva Almodovar as they rush to stop the spread of the Uroboros virus. Along the way, you’ll cross treacherous swamp land, traverse a cavernous underground city, take on a giant tanker ship and reveal some of Umbrella’s most deeply hidden secrets.
  • All of this is a blast from beginning to end and almost perfectly paced (outside of some often frustrating and annoying showdowns with Albert Wesker). this game. The various chapters seem to melt away into an addictive experience that will keep you up late at night.
  • Also included on this disk is all of the previously released DLC. I get to check out “Lost in Nightmares” and “Desperate Escape” which I had not previously played. After experiencing these two DLC chapters, I’d have to say they’re pretty “meh”. Lost in Nightmares is the biggest offender.
  • It starts out with lots of potential but it’s over before it really has time to even get going. Desperate Escape was better, but still a little too short for my liking. I think both DLC additions would have benefited from just a little more fleshing out. They just don’t feel satisfying and I have no interest in playing them again.
  • Resident Evil 5 PS4 Features
  • Mercenaries mode features 8 playable characters each with different costumes and loadouts to choose from
  • Chris Redfield and new playable character Sheva Alomar are tasked with investigating the epidemic
  • Two player local and online coop
  • All previously released DLC including costumes, game modes, figures and bonus story scenarios
  • PS4 Resident Evil 5


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